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              I D:
              Auto seat cover
              Non wover bag
              Badding series
              PP woven bag


                 Dear friends:
                 Welcome to visit our website http://www.gdmdz.com  .

                  Packaging products has been one of the pillar industries of our group of companies. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Xingdian Industrial Zone, Luting Town, Tongcheng, Anhui China. The company has a registered capital of 15,065,000RMB and is capable of providing an uninterrupted production chain from design to final manufactured product.  With over  twenty years experience, the company offers a very wide product range, such as all types of eco-friendly bags, non-woven bags, PP woven bags, RPET bag, cotton bags, nylon and Oxford bags, as well as storage bags for the home, car seat covers, bedding bags. Our company passed the ISO19001 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification as well as BSCI audit and is committed to environmentally conscious practices as its cardinal principle and advocates Green" products. The company is sincerely looking forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with old and new clients at home and abroad in order to create together with them a bright new future in the new century.

              Our efforts of the past twenty years as well as our consistently high-quality products and services have won us the approval of our customers and a good reputation in the market place. Our products now sell to more than thirty countries and regions including Japan, North America, Canada, Europe, etc.
              Our Mission
              It is our desire to pay close attention to our customers' needs and to provide them with expert advice, high-quality products and excellent service, so that they are confident in establishing a long-term business relationship with our company.
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