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              I D:
              Auto seat cover
              Non wover bag
              Badding series
              PP woven bag


                                              Anhui Xinda Packaging Co.,Ltd

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                                       Contact :Mr. Henry Ge    Cell phone : 0086-13309660036

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            2. Minimum of Qantity?
              *1000pcs for regular non woven bag with silk screen print. 10000pcs for OPP film laminated pp woven bag or non-woven bag.
            3. What if I want to change the size, dimension, color or weight, or handles, etc. of the bag?
              the bag size, shape, handle length, fabric color, ink color are adjustable. We can give custom pricing for custom bags.
            4. What if I want to print in more than one color of ink?
              Price quotes start with one color print on both sides (simple line design). Up to 6 colors is possible. Or CMYK print with lamination.
            5. Can I print different things on each side of the bag?
            6. Is this fabric natural/organic?
              The fabric is a recyclable material. 
            7. Can I get other products made from this material?
              Yes, we can help with other products (wine totes, suit-cover,foldable shopping bags, etc.).
            8. What if I dont have artwork?
              We offer assistance with graphic design for free.
            9. how long does it take to get the bags?
              Most generally it takes 4 weeks to Shanghai port from the time the artwork is approved and confirmed.
            10. How do we approve and confirm the artwork?
              We will email a computerized bag with your logo to proof initially. For your final confirmation, we will send a photo of an actual bag in the fabric and ink colors you selected.
            11. Are the prices listed guaranteed?
              Price quotes are time sensitive and change frequently.
            12. How do we pay?
              30% in advance and balance against copy of B/L
            13. Tote bags are becoming more and more popular because they are reusable and eco-friendly. This affordable and stylish alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bag is now also a fashion statement. The use of tote bags has spread from the eco-savvy shopper to the style-conscious consumer. With this shift, totes have moved from being a purely utilitarian item to a medium for self-expression. The printed design on the tote bag is effectively a communication message to express a persons personality. The graphics, imagery and messages displayed on tote bags are becoming increasingly sophisticated, subtle and imaginative.
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